API offers PT programs for labs performing microbiology and chemistry analyses on food products. Participants can select from a variety of programs and matrices to match the testing performed at their facility. The enrollment fee includes three shipments per year, easy-to-understand evaluation reports comparing your performance to other laboratories, and extra report copies sent to any management personnel who require them. Sample evaluation reports with an explanation of what they contain are available from the Learn More link on the left.

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Our catalog in PDF format contains details on the programs we offer and the analytes included in each program. Laboratories typically enroll for one year, which includes three test events with two samples in each. Mid-year enrollments are welcome; we will prorate prices to reflect the test events remaining. For information on how to order or whom to contact with questions, please click on the Distributor Locator link above.


NEW for 2015

Anaerobic Package (Formerly Clostridium)- This package offers participants the options to enumerate Total Anaerobic Count, Sulfite-reducing bacteria, Clostridium sp., and Clostridium perfringens. As with all other packages, participants can respond to one or more analytes in this package.

Cronobacter – Qualitative test for the presence of Cronobacter sp. – available only with a milk matrix.

Vibrio – Qualitative test for the presence of Vibrio sp. – no matrix.

Pseudomonas – Qualitative and quantitative tests for Pseudomonas sp. – available with either a milk or meat matrix.

Listeria – In 2015 the Listeria module will include the option to enumerate both Listeria sp., Listeria monocytogenes, or both. These options are included in the price of the Listeria module.

Quantitative Package – Also in 2015, participants will have the option to enumerate Osmophilic Yeast and Mold and Thermotolerant Coliforms. These options are included in the price of the Quantitative packages.

*Not all analytes are included in API’s scope of accreditation. Our full scope of accreditation to ISO/IEC 17043 is available on our website at by clicking on the A2LA Accredited logo.

Added in 2014

Technician Competency - This new feature offers your lab the option of submitting up to five sets of results per enrolled microbiology program. The first set is considered lab proficiency; the results submitted will be included in the test event statistics and the evaluation will be within the scope of our accreditation to ISO/IEC 17043*. The four additional sets of results will be managed entirely on-line; laboratories will submit their results and access their evaluations at . Detailed instructions will be provided with the first test event result forms.
The best news is this program is offered at no additional cost!
*API’s full scope of accreditation to ISO/IEC 17043 is available on our website at by clicking on the A2LA Accredited logo.

Quantitative Listeria:
Beginning in 2014, the option to enumerate Listeria will be offered only in the Listeria (LIS) proficiency programs (catalog numbers 766 -769). If you reported quantitative results for Listeria in 2013 in a Comprehensive or Qualitative Package (catalog numbers 702, 703, 740-743) we have automatically added the appropriate Listeria Add-On program to your 2014 renewal.

Quantitative Campylobacter:
As of the third event of 2013, we now accept quantitative results for Campylobacter. This option is included in the price of the Campylobacter program.

STEC Identification Program:
In 2013, API introduced a new program, Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli (STEC), for U.S. customers. Each shipment will include two samples to be tested for the presence or absence of toxigenic E. coli O157:H7 and the “Big 6” STEC strains: O26, O45, O103, O111, O121, and O145. Both meat and milk matrices are available.

Food Chemistry Additional Sample Volume:
Participants who require additional sample volume for our Food Chemistry programs due to their methods or the number of analytes tested are now able to add it to each shipment for a nominal charge.

Clostridium and Lactic Acid Bacteria Programs
These organisms, very popular as educational samples, are now available for routine proficiency testing. Both meat and milk matrices are offered.

Reduced Pricing for Multiple Programs
Our pricing structure encourages enrollment in multiple programs. After enrolling in one program, labs may choose additional programs at less than half their original price.